Higher Investor Returns

An affiliate of The Portopiccolo Group, Navy Street Properties is a real estate investment and management firm that provides a full service investment platform for institutional and private modern real estate investors. With a heavy focus on multi-family properties, Navy Street Properties carefully underwrites each deal and meticulously manages each of its properties to maximize value for its investors while maintaining a comfortable living experience for each of its tenants.

Acquisitions, Asset
Management & Construction

Multi-family across the East
Coast and Southeast

Increase Value through

Calculated Approach

Navy Street’s team of professionals conducts careful due diligence on every aspect of each deal analyzing the potential upside and downside. Drawing on our team’s 30 years of combined experience in capital market and real estate acquisitions gives us the ability to underwrite each deal with expert analysis and form a clear and realistic value-add and exit strategy. This approach allows our investors to make a well informed decision on whether or not any particular asset is worth acquiring.

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